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Two French soldiers killed with a homemade bomb into northern Mali

Two French soldiers in Operation Barkhane have been killed by a homemade bomb in northern Mali. A third was severely hurt.

Operation Barkhane is a continuing anti-insurgent surgery, in the Sahel area of Africa, targeting Islamic extremists. It is directed by the French army in co-operation together with the five states of the area: Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger.

An announcement by the French Presidency declared”the death of two French soldiers, Brigadier-Chief First Class ST and Hussar Parachutist First Class Arnaud Volpe, following the destruction of the armored car by an improvised explosive device (… ) during an operation in the area of Tessalit”.

The security and political situation remain complex in the nation after last month’s coup.

The coup was headed by senior members of the army against Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, who’d been in power for seven decades. The move followed a lengthy period of chronic instability, allegations of corruption, and cultural violence.

Keita was delivered late on Saturday into the United Arab Emirates for clinical therapy, according to a diplomatic source. The 75-year-old’s health was a concern because he had been hospitalized after his detention for 10 days from the military junta.

The airplane was discharged by the UAE after a petition from Malian police, so he could be treated in a military hospital in Abu Dhabi.

Keita was transferred back to his residence earlier this week following a stay in a private practice beneath the tight security of this junta.

The junta has promised a transition to civilian rule and started talks with resistance groups on Saturday for this end.

The move follows criticism from former colonial power France in addition to Mali’s acquaintances, who have voiced unease and also a need for a speedy transfer of power.