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Two Islamic State ‘Beatles’ plead not guilty over charges against US court

2 jihadists in the Islamic State team, that had been a part of a terror cell regeneration’s Beatles’ because of their British accents, have pleaded not guilty in front of a judge in the united states.

The British militants are facing charges of murder within the implementation of a range of Western hostages in Syria, in which they’re accused of getting involved in a campaign of torture, beheadings, and other acts of violence.

Alexandra Kotey, 36, and El Shafee el-Sheikh, 32, appeared via video connection in front of a judge in Alexandria, Virginia, also pleaded not guilty through his or her attorneys.

The 2 jihadists, that are out of Britain but were stripped of their citizenship, were indicted by a grand jury before this week for the kidnapping and murder of four Americans: journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and humanitarians Kayla Mueller and Peter Kassig.

James Foley and Steven Steven Sotloff were killed in staged propaganda movies.

Not guilty plea
On Friday both men pleaded not guilty by using their attorneys and requested to be tried by a jury.

“I want to prepare a trial whenever you can,” but”period is required to guarantee justice is done in this circumstance,” stated the judge Justice TS Ellis II in establishing another hearing for January 15.

Meanwhile, the proof – that contains confidential advice – will be passed to the defendants’ attorneys.

Both suspects were moved out of Iraq to the USA on Wednesday and held at a secret place in Virginia.

Both men grew up and were radicalized in the United Kingdom before linking the Islamic State in Syria in 2012.

They had been a part of a quartet that, based on US study centers, kidnapped and beheaded 27 hostages, such as Syrian civilians.

“Their sadistic approaches had no limitations, such as crucifixion, drowning, mock executions,” say investigators Anne Speckhard and Ardian Shajkovci within a post for the International Centre for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE), who fulfilled Kotey in his mobile in Syria.

The team’s most notable figure, Mohammed Emwazi, nicknamed”Jihadi John”, had distinguished himself by looking in black dressed using a butcher knife in propaganda movies. He had been killed in a US bombing of Syria in November 2015.

Kotey and el-Sheikh were seized in January 2018 by Kurdish forces in Syria and then put under US military control in Iraq in October 2019 throughout the Turkish offensive in northern Syria.

The fourth, Aine Davis, is headquartered in Turkey.