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UK charities urge Authorities to protect carers suffering’intolerable pressures’

Care employees on the frontline of this COVID-19 outbreak are battling back.

A letter, signed by over 100 organizations such as Oxfam, Carers UK, and Unison marriage, warns that carers are confronting’excruciating pressure’, and also have been undervalued and under-rewarded for way too long.

“We all rely on somebody to look after us at a certain stage in our own life — as a youngster, at an older age, or because of ill health or extra demands. More than ever, this outbreak has made us appreciate the unbelievable price and dedication of carers — those that are compensated and people who provide unpaid care for family or friends. Most are facing unprecedented levels of risk to protect us all,” the letter reads.

“Failing to make sure carers are protected from poverty could be unforgivable.”

The Head of Oxfam’s UK Programme, Kirsty Davies-Warner, stated the letter was developed to alert lawmakers to challenges being sensed at the careworker sector throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Right now, carers are holding the country together. The majority are girls and therefore are more inclined to be trying hard to make ends meet. The combination of poverty and the coronavirus will probably be putting extreme extra pressure on these,” she explained

“The people have demonstrated that a large amount of solidarity with our carers however what we need them to do is dependent upon our political leaders that this has to be interpreted into concrete to assist our carers to escape poverty. For carers, both paid and unpaid, coronavirus is creating a very bad situation worse,” she added.

The open letter was delivered to lawmakers from across the political spectrum, but not just in Westminister but also regional parliamentarians from Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.