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UK Liberal Democrats could back Labour to Induce Another Brexit vote

The chief of Britain’s pro-European Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson has indicated that she could work together with the Labour party to prevent Brexit when it eliminated its chief in case of a hung parliament after next week’s election.

Swinson repeated her vow not to place either the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn or even Prime Minister Boris Johnson into electricity if neither wins a majority in parliament.

“I shall vote for a law to pass a public’s vote of course I’ll, and I’d have done that under the last Conservative government, just like I would do under another authority,” she said speaking to another referendum on membership of the European Union (EU) proposed by Labour.

Asked if she’d support Labour in a bid to prevent Britain from leaving the EU when there was a hung parliament, she stated she’d, given that Corbyn was no more its leader.

“I’ve stated that Liberal Democrat votes will not place Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn to Number 10,” she explained. “Liberal Democrats will work to prevent Brexit, we’ll support legislation which sets in place a public’s vote and we’re going to work across parties”

The Liberal Democrats, who throw themselves as the sole real alternative to prevent Brexit celebration, course the Conservatives and Labour in opinion polls and therefore are anticipated to fall a long way short of winning the election. However, they might have a significant function if neither the Conservatives nor Labour acquire a majority and need to discover a spouse to make a government.