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Ukraine: Police detain armed Guy holding 13 people hostage on bus Lutsk

The armed person who held people captive to a bus at the Ukrainian city of Lutsk was arrested and the hostages released, the country’s Interior Minister has declared.

“It is over,” Arsen Avakov composed on Twitter, including: “All are secure”.

The situation just ended after President Volodymyr Zelensky talked on the telephone into the hostage-taker and also posted a movie to Facebook endorsing a 2005 creature rights documentary, which had been among those armed man’s requirements.

Three of the hostages — a child, a pregnant girl, and an older woman — was published only 30 minutes before.

Many individuals were held against their will for the majority of the day.

The offender, a 44-year old Ukrainian nationwide, captured control of the bus in the afternoon and threw explosives from a bus window, but nobody was hurt, according to Associated Press. Also, he fired several shots in a drone.

The interior minister posted a video of the hostages being directed to security and an image of this assailant held on the ground by officials.

Zelensky, who had previously called the problem”alarming” subsequent reports of gunshots, voiced his”congratulations to everybody who fought day for the launch” of their hostages.

“Human life is the main price. We have not lost anybody. Nowadays, relatives and nearest and dearest can hug everybody who endured today on the bus. Terrorism has no place in our nation,” he additional on Facebook

In a media conference in town earlier in the afternoon, Avakov had known for caution in the way the story has been reported.

“We expect to locate a solution and I’d wish to ask you all to be quite careful accurate on your remarks, including a number of the info which isn’t accurate or not verified that you are spreading about the individual that has taken hostages. This will not help solve the circumstance, it simply adds pressure.”

“We spoke to the family members, to the spouse, the buddies – we’ve got and will do anything to discover a peaceful solution,” he explained.

The center of Lutsk has sealed away to the general public.

Eyewitness Vitalik Troszyk told Euronews he’d heard”something such as a gunshot” at 1.43 p.m. local time and police were enlarging the cordon, moving folks back from the region.

“There’s an elevated safety area. The authorities ask individuals to keep their space, move behind the homes,” he explained.

Police earlier said they’ve identified the defendant who telephoned them 9.25 a.m. local time later taking over the bus and informed them he’s”explosives and arms” and”submitted demands on Twitter.”

“His identity was established, he’s a 44-year-old resident of Rivne region,” the authorities said in a media launch on Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities said they’d assessed the Twitter accounts connected to the name the defendant originally gave but they hadn’t found any requirements, “only general discontent regarding the computer system.”

Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko stated on a Facebook article the guy introduced himself as Maksim Plokhoy. This surname translates in the Russian poor’.

Euronews discovered a Twitter accounts connected to the title Maksim Plokhoy, that has been taken out of the platform and may no longer be obtained.

In an announcement to Euronews, Twitter stated it had permanently deleted the accounts since it violated the system’s rules.

You will find tweets with requirements and messages posted on these accounts.

The Twitter account connected to a YouTube station that has been removed.

In a later article, Gerashchenko said the defendant’s name is Krivosh Maxim Stepanovich, a Ukrainian citizen arising in the city of merry in Orenburg Oblast, Russia.

A Russian connection?
The head of the Security Service Ivan Bakanov praised anti-terrorism officers due to their handling of this situation and the launch of these 13 hostages.

He added three terrorist attacks were foiled in the nation in the first half of this year.

“Regrettably, this is the reality where our nation lives now. It’s due to different factors, such as events from the east and also the effect of the Russian Federation about the specific situation in Ukraine,” he stated in an announcement.