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Ukraine’s comedian-turned-president Matches Hollywood royalty, Tom Cruise

Last updated on October 1, 2019

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy might be a fundamental character of that the U.S. impeachment scandal, yet this week that the former comic was back into his comfort zone because he fulfilled American actor Tom Cruise.

Zelinsky was a dominant media producer and celebrity before he ventured into politics. He has also already played Ukrainian president on TV.

“The President of Ukraine, for his part, he informed that the guest about his own experience in theatre,” his office said.

Zelenskiy additionally pointed out that a recently passed legislation on subsidies for overseas film-makers in Ukraine is supposed to attract investment from the nation’s market.

“I’m happy that Ukraine is beginning to entice world-class celebrities,” the president stated on his FB page beside picture with grinning Cruise.

A transcript of Zelenskiy’s July telephone call with President Donald Trump published last week indicated the U.S. president attempted to seek out the Ukrainian leader’s aid to research a political competition, resulting in an impeachment question.

Since his election, Zelenskiy was meeting the world’s political leaders, attempting to build support and goodwill for his nation, which is still grappling with the warfare from the east as well as rampant corruption.

Zelenskiy has been driven by Trump, reiterating on Monday he won’t”follow any orders “

His meeting with Cruise isn’t the first time that Zelenskiy entertains Hollywood royalty.

The president has shared photographs of his encounters with American celebrities Mila Kunis, who hails from Ukraine, along with also her husband Ashton Kutcher, in addition to celebrity Robin Wright and Chernobyl TV series producer Craig Mazin.