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Ukrainian MPs to take lie detector test done corruption claims

Last updated on October 25, 2019

2 lawmakers from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s celebration were put to have a lie detector test late Wednesday following the president called for a set of MPs to be analyzed over corruption allegations.

“Now we… will proceed on a lie detector,” Davyd Arakhamia, chief of the parliamentary faction of this president Servant of the People celebration, told reporters.

His colleague Oleksandr Dubinsky also stated he’d take the test. They guaranteed to Livestream the event.

Dubinsky sits on a committee that assesses draft laws. The bill hasn’t yet gone before parliament.

Thus far, the lawmakers aren’t facing any charges but researchers have found a probe after bloggers and journalists reported a potential offense.

If these tests find”the smallest chance that the lawmakers required the cash… then the anti-corruption government should address these lawmakers,” Zelensky composed on Facebook.

The prior comic won presidential elections on a program promising to eliminate corruption.

According to Transparency International Ukraine is ranked 120th from 180 about the NGO’s corruption perception index, faring better than Russia (at 138th place) but falling far from the European Union neighbors.