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UN chief warns over Danger of new Cold War between US and China

The entire world is facing an”epochal” health catastrophe, the largest economic calamity because the Great Depression and the danger of a new Cold War between the USA and China, the United Nations’ secretary-general cautioned on Tuesday.

He cautioned COVID-19 wasn’t only a”wake-up telephone”, but a”dress rehearsal” for struggles to come.

“COVID-19 has laid bare the planet’s fragilities: climbing inequalities, climate disaster, widening social branches, rampant corruption. The pandemic has exploited these injustices, preyed on the vulnerable, and wiped the advancement of years,” Guterres said.

In his opening address, Guterres said the UN was in a”foundational” second, facing the identical type of struggles it had when it was established 75 decades back.

“Today we confront our own 1945 minute”

‘We’re going in a Really dangerous direction’

Days following the pandemic closed down large areas of the earth in March, Guterres called for a worldwide cease-fire to handle it.

“At precisely the same time, we have to do everything to avert a new Cold War,” Guterres added.

Reiterating a warning that he left to world leaders per year ago about raising US-China rivalry, Guterres stated, “We’re moving in a really dangerous way.”

“Our planet can’t manage a future in which the two biggest economies split the world at a fantastic Fracture — each with its trade and monetary rules and net and artificial intelligence capabilities,” Guterres said. “A technological and financial split risks inevitably turning into a geo-strategic and army split.

The competition between the two forces was in full screen as US President Donald Trump started his very short digital language attacking”the China virus” He urged that the United Nations to maintain Beijing”accountable” for failing to include COVID-19, which originated in China and has murdered 200,000 Americans and almost 1 million round the world.

Shortly afterward, China’s ambassador refused all accusations from Beijing as baseless.

“At this time, the entire world requires more solidarity and collaboration, rather than a confrontation,” UN Ambassador Zhang Jun, sitting at the General Assembly room, stated before introducing President Xi Jinping’s pre-recorded speech. “We will need to increase confidence and trust, rather than the dispersing of the governmental virus. China resolutely rejects the baseless accusation from China.”

‘Diplomacy does not occur on Zoom’

But across the planet, rising nationalism and populism are making it tougher to assert for multilateral collaboration, stated Thomas G. Weiss, a professor in the Town of New York Graduate Centre along with also a distinguished fellow in global governance in the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

“It is not only Trump. It is Xi, it is Putin, it is Bolsonaro, Duterte, and the list continues. (They) are arguing for’me ‘: America first, China first, Russia initially, Brazil first,” he informed Euronews.

The digital format of the year’s General Assembly, in which world leaders’ prerecorded addresses are performed in a virtually empty hallway, also severely impairs the joys of diplomacy.

“Everything you could explain as diplomatic speed relationship won’t happen this season,” Weiss stated.

“The sorts of casual conversations which may put the flame between Beijing and Washington, or construct bridges (…), these conversations don’t happen on Skype or Zoom, they simply happen behind the scenes in person. So those won’t happen in any way.”