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UN Security Council rejects US demand to Expand Iran arms embargo

The UN Security Council refused a US resolution to expand a global arms embargo on Iran.

Just the Dominican Republic affirmed the Trump government’s resolution from the 15 members to the safety council.

The resolution could have averted Tehran’s purchasing and selling of traditional weapons forever.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated Israel and the six Arab Gulf countries who supported the expansion”understand Iran will spread much greater chaos and destruction in the event the embargo expires, however, the Security Council decided to dismiss them.”

“The United States will not leave our friends from the area who expected more from the Security Council,” Pompeo stated in an announcement.

“We’ll continue to work to make sure the theocratic terror regime doesn’t have the liberty to buy and sell weapons which threaten the center of Europe, the Middle East and beyond.”

A spokesperson for Iran’s foreign ministry said that the US must”stop shaming itself in the UN, it will get isolated, much greater than today.”

US Ambassador Kelly Craft stated, “that the United States stands — but not surprised — since the obvious majority of council members gave the green light to Iran to sell and buy all manner of traditional weapons.”

US attempts to expand arms embargo on Iran forever in revised UN resolution
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US officials have indicated the US may use a”snap back” mechanism, as a portion of their 2015 atomic deal to reestablish sanctions on Iran despite falling out of this bargain in 2018.

Lawyers in the State Department maintained in a memo that the US stays part of this Security Council resolution endorsing the agreement and also can use the supply to reestablish sanctions, AP reports.

Russia, China, the united kingdom, France, and Germany, meanwhile, are devoted to the agreement and stated that stretching the arms embargo can lead Iran to give up the atomic arrangement.

China’s ambassador to the UN,” Zhang Jun, reiterated following the vote that because the US is no more party to the 2015 arrangement, it’s”ineligible to need the Security Council to invoke a snap “

He said the overwhelming majority of people” think the US effort does not have any legal foundation.”

Germany’s deputy U.N. ambassador, G√ľnter Sautter, stated following the vote that Germany remains dedicated to the nuclear bargain, however, remains deeply concerned about Iran’s transfers of weapons to Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq in breach of their 2015 council resolution.

He said Germany was engaging with council members and is about to continue talks”to be able to discover a pragmatic way forward, which addresses collective issues.”