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Upwalker Lite Reviews – It’s Really Work Or Scam?

The UPWalker is a freedom booster which promises to assist you to walk vertically with better posture, less pain, and also additional safety, because of the elevated, adaptive layout. The system claims to help you regain your liberty, letting you keep a more active way of life both inside and outside.

It includes gentle, adjustable-height armrests and a sliding seat with built-in rear support, letting you sit and make the transition from sitting to position more readily.

To this end, also, it includes a simple locking handbrake system which lets you come to a park or stop the walker whenever required.

The manufacturer claims that the UPWalker is made to aid those with mobility difficulties, such as individuals living with neurological disorders, orthopedic, cardiovascular and other health ailments, supplying them with a better way of getting around, while also restoring dignity in the procedure.

Particularly, the business asserts that it addresses the shortcomings of conventional walkers, for example, the chance of decreasing, slouching, and an overall lack of assurance and relaxation. Is this what you could anticipate, nevertheless?

Will the UPWalker Cause Less Pain and Discomfort Than a Traditional Walker?

The manufacturers of this UPWalker say that the device’s unique design enables it to supply a more comfortable and safe walking encounter, resulting in less strain on the wrists and palms, particularly for those coping with gout.

The site reports a laboratory-based study was completed using 30 walker users that tried outside the LifeWalker Upright (an earlier but similar version of their UPWalker), who said that the product allowed them to walk completely vertical, leading to better entire back posture.

We are also told that consumers felt a greater feeling of security and stability while using the device when compared with a traditional rollator or walker. Finally, they argue that the forearm aid on the item allowed users to shed weight on the joints and wrists, resulting in a more comfortable experience which has been easier on the human body.

Despite these positive reports, the study itself isn’t connected, and we didn’t encounter it printed on third party sites during our study.

So, what does all this mean to you personally? On the surface could observe how the elevated layout and forearm support fundamental to the UPWalker’s structure could enable users to feel much more comfortable and secure when out and about, and we could also envision the device assisting specific users to recover some level of their liberty, as maintained by the manufacturer.

As an example, if you’re managing arthritis or chronic back pain, then it might rather follow a walker effective at taking pressure away from those significant areas would allow to get a boost to freedom, in addition to a decrease in total pain, as explained on the product’s site.

This probably is not true for everybody, but we might even envision the UPWalker’s layout to be comfortable and pleasurable for many who just prefer walking with no”hunched-over” posture that comes along with more traditional apparatus.

Judging solely predicated one of the data we are given, it seems like the possibility is there for consumers dealing with mobility problems to have a better experience complete with the UPWalker.

UPWalker Pricing & Returns

For this writing, the UPWalker is available only online from the company’s web site. It’s offered for $495, and shipping and handling are free, except for Hawaii and Alaska, which will run you an additional $130. The FAQ page says the UPWalker is marketed as a money pay merchandise, and urges reaching out to insurance companies straight to talk about reimbursement.

Every purchase, you will also receive the following bonus items:

  • One personal storage bag
  • One beverage holder attachment
  • One supporting backrest

Each order placed on the web site includes a 30-day satisfaction warranty, including initial shipping and handling fees when they had been compensated. Before beginning a return, you will have to reach out to client support at 877-488-0822 or through email at to acquire consent.

You are going to be asked to pay any delivery fees related to the yield, which might be anywhere in the assortment of $40 to $100 and upwards, depending on which you’re. The provisions say that all returns should maintain a”like-new” country, and returned in their original packaging to be eligible for a refund.

Are There Any Alternatives to the UPWalker?

The UPWalker certainly seems to supply some exceptional performance, but does exactly the item comprise a breakthrough, radical design as the maker claims it to be?

That which we were able to discover, however, were several diverse walkers that promised to have the ability to encourage a more upright walking distance, very similar to a few of the UPWalker’s major claims.

The comparable product we encountered during our study was known as the Motivo, and it seemed to be arriving sometime in 2018. It sports an extremely similar”vertical” layout position and also contains a more stylized appearance with a sound, pre-assembled structure.

Beyond these similarities, the item also folds for simple transportation and contains a storage region and beverage compartment, in the same way, the UPWalker does.

Along with these, but the device also comprises many unique functions, like a flip-out tray table, cane holder, narrow twist radius and a rate control system to prevent runaways on surfaces that are downhill. These extra attributes come at an extra price, however, because the item is now listed at $549.00.

Based upon your requirements and tastes, in addition to where you will most often use your vertical walker in people when on the move, remember that both these versions may not be considered’lightweight’

Finally, your choice of walker ought to come to the attributes and layout which are most appropriate for your distinctive lifestyle. If you often take a cane, or cope with irregular terrain, or just enjoy the aesthetic layout, the Motivo could be well worth the extra funds for you. If you’re searching for is your ability to walk into a more vertical position, but you can feasibly save a little money by visiting the UPWalker.

Our Bottom Line on the UPWalker

In a nutshell, we believe that the answer is yes, based upon your precise requirements. If you discover that conventional walkers and rollators cause one to raised pain because of slouching, or because of strain on the torso and lower extremities, the UPWalker may have the ability to offer you a more comfortable experience for you.

There is also the issue of this rivalry with products such as the Motivo. While not accessible until 2018, the walker has a lot of unique characteristics that may warrant the additional expenditures, based on what you’re searching for.

All said, if you choose the UPWalker, make certain to keep the 30-day return coverage in mind. Should you try out the product and determine it isn’t best for you, then you are going to have the ability to return it, provided that you are prepared to possibly miss out on a good chunk of change in yield shipping charges (remember it weighs 23 lbs and is oversize ) from the procedure.