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US and China edging towards a business deal, says Trump

US President Donald Trump says that he could signal a long-awaited trade arrangement with China.

He’s floated the concept of registering it in Iowa, a farming country that’s been hard hit with a 16-month commerce war with Beijing.

The country is also imperative to his re-election bidding in 2020.

Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping was expected to sign a deal in an APEC meeting in Chile later this month however the host country has now canceled it.

China would like to create a bargain very much. And we’ve got a great connection,” Trump said on Friday.

The trade war started when Trump slapped tariffs on Chinese products, alleging that Beijing encouraged unfair trading practices.

Another round of tariffs is expected in December which would reach large-paying things for customers’ laptops and cellular telephones.

Virtually all consumer’s products in the united states are becoming affected including meals, clothing, and sneakers.