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US and Spain hand base to Iraq as allied retreat Persists

The US and its allies have been continuing their escape back to Baghdad, 17 years after invading Iraq and overthrowing President Saddam Hussein’s regime.

On Saturday that the US and Spanish militaries withdrew from Basmaya foundation, south of the funds, and handed it over for their Iraqi counterparts.

On Friday the Iraqi army said four rockets were fired at the bottom but no casualties were reported.

The US and Spanish troops in Basmaya were training the Iraqi army to assist them to conquer ISIS.

In 2017 the Iraqi authorities stated the Islamic extremist fighters were defeated. Despite having lost nearly all of their land, they nevertheless launch strikes.

On Saturday the Iraqi army said ISIS had started an assault on a village in northern Saladin province.

Turkey’s Anadolu news agency reported that the mayor of Zemun village and four others were murdered.

The US and its allies will probably re-base at Baghdad and in the Ain al-Asad Airbase from the nation’s western desert.

They state they’ll still help Iraqi forces with air surveillance and support, but considerably reduce training and ground operations.