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US blacklists 28 Chinese entities on abuses targeting Muslim minorities in Xinjiang

The US Commerce Department announced Monday it’s blacklisting 28 Chinese entities which it states are implicated in rights violations and abuses targeting Uighurs and other largely Muslim minorities from the Xinjiang area.

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross declared the movement, which bars the entities from buying US products, stating the United States” can’t and won’t withstand the brutal suppression of ethnic minorities in China.”

According to an upgrade to the US Federal Register place to be printed Wednesday, the blacklisted businesses included video surveillance firm Hikvision, in addition to artificial intelligence firms Megvii Technology and SenseTime.

Right classes say China has arrested around a million Uighurs as well as other Muslims from re-education peaks in western Xinjiang region in a measure Washington says is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

China had recently denied that the camps but now claims they’re”vocational training colleges” necessary to restrain terrorism, even while decrying interference in its”internal affairs.”

The US move came following Washington prohibited technologies giant Huawei and other Chinese companies from government contracts, amid the trade warfare between both nations.