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US bombed own airbase inside Syria before withdrawing troops

The US armed forces demolished their particular airbase in Al-Hasakah state in northeast Syria before abandoning it withdrawing troops, Syrian press reported Sunday.

The United States bombed its army base with landing facilities for transportation aircraft at the Tal Baydar settlement near the city of Tal Tamr, in which fighting between the US-backed Kurdish forces as well as the Turkish military is penalized, the Syrian Arab News Agency reported.

On October 7, the United States declared withdrawing its troops from northeast Syria, two weeks before Turkey established its military performance in the region with the declared goal to clean it of terrorists and civic militia, which for Ankara are synonymous. The White House said at the time it wouldn’t”support or participate in” Turkey’s operation.

A week later, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper explained that an additional 1,000 troops could be pulled in the northern portion of Syria for the interest of the US army not to wind up trapped between rival armies. (Sputnik/ANI)