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US can Effectively use $500 million it allocates to WHO, ” Says Donald Trump

The United States could find ways to effectively use the USD 500 million it generally allocates into the World Health Organisation (WHO), said President Donald Trump while taking a dig at the United Nations body.

“The World Health Organization, we are just finding an increasing number of issues… there are different ways we could spend 500 million bucks… but we could discover different ways to invest it where folks will be assisted we believe in a far larger way, we’re doing some study on particular men and women who take a good deal of credit for what they do,” Trump said in the Saturday White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing.

“We can shell out the $500 million with it all at a far more efficient way when we chose to do so, and it’ll be to the goodness of a lot more individuals,” Trump additional, criticizing the WHO for being contrary to the United States shutting off its boundaries into China as soon as the coronavirus was only emerging.

The WHO has been criticized worldwide for its alleged collusion with China, which resulted in the coronavirus turning into a pandemic, asserting over 1.5 lakh lives internationally.

Coronavirus, that has brought the whole world to a block, initially originated in China in December this past year, killing over 4000 people in the nation. The virus has over 2 million individuals around the globe.