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US election: Joe Biden’s first Cabinet Selections Anticipated on Tuesday

US president-elect Joe Biden’s first Cabinet selections should be declared on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported.

Ron Klain,” Biden’s incoming chief of staff, however, provided no specifics about Sunday about which section heads Biden would announce.

He’s being watched to see if He’ll make history by nominating the first woman to direct the Pentagon, the Treasury Department or the Department of Veterans Affairs, or even the earliest African American at the Peak of this Defense Department, the Interior Department or the Treasury Department.

Biden stated last week that he had depended on his choice for treasury secretary.

Klein said the Trump government’s refusal to clear the way for Biden’s staff to get access to crucial information regarding agencies and national dollars for the transition will be taking its toll on preparation, such as the Cabinet selection procedure.

Trump’s General Services Administration has yet to admit that Biden won the election.

Looking forward to the Jan. 20 inauguration, Klain said it’s”likely to need to be changed” because of this coronavirus pandemic, which the Biden staff is consulting Democratic leadership in the House and Senate within their strategies.

“They are going to attempt to get an inauguration which honors the importance and the symbolic significance of the second but also doesn’t cause the spread of this illness. That is our aim,” Klain said.