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US election: Joe Biden’s Triumph has his Fans dreaming about a brighter future

The moment the information buzzed in their telephones, Americans gathered peacefully on street corners and front yards – honking their horns, banging pots and pans, beginning impromptu dance parties – like an agonizingly vitriolic election and also exhausting four-day wait for outcomes came to an end on Saturday morning.

In Maine, a group playing in a farmers’ market broke to the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Neighbors hurried from the houses in Manhattan and built-in an unplanned road party, whooping, dancing along with high-fiving strangers. Back in Louisville, Kentucky, Biden supporters gathered in their yards to toast with champagne.

Donald Trump’s assistants have been protesting outside vote-counting centers, alleging without proof the lethargic results were evidence of cheating. But on Saturday morning, it had been the Democrats taking to the roads in jubilant screens, observing what was for them an end to four decades of continuous crises, chaos, and stress.

“It is surreal, I feel as if I am free from the clutches of evil,” said Lola Faleit, a 26-year-old human capital manager in NYC. “I feel worried about my friends. In 2016, we woke up yelling. Now we’re observing.

Retired educator and school principal Kay Nicholas, 73, was vacuuming within her house northwest of Detroit when she noticed Biden was announced the winner.

“All I can say is thank God’,” she said, choking up. “It doesn’t have anything to do with Democrat or Republican. It’s to do with decency. This nation has integrity and, hopefully, we could get decency. I believe Joe Biden can take action and reunite kindness.”