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US forces withdraw from Essential Foundation in northern Syria

Last updated on October 21, 2019

US forces withdrew from an integral foundation in northern Syria Sunday, a track said, two weeks before the conclusion of a US-brokered truce to stem a Turkish assault on Allied forces in the area.

An AFP correspondent saw over 70 US armored vehicles escorted by helicopters drive past the city of Tal Tamr carrying military gear.

Some flew the American stars-and-stripes flag since they made their way eastwards along a street crossing town, ” he explained.

The Allied Observatory for it’s Human Rights stated the convoy was evacuating the army foundation of Sarrin.

It seemed to be heading into the town of Hassakeh, farther east, stated the Britain-based monitor, which is based on resources within war-torn Syria because of its information.

Sarrin”is the biggest American military base in the north of the nation,” Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman stated.

It’s located on the borders of a projected”secure zone” on the side of the border which Turkey would like to maintain Kurdish forces from its frontier, he clarified.

Sunday’s pullout was the fourth largest such withdrawal of American forces per week and abandoned Syria’s northern states of Aleppo and Raqa devoid of US troops,” Abdel Rahman stated.

The Kurds are a vital contributor to Washington from the US-backed struggle against Islamic State band jihadists in Syria, but Ankara views them as”terrorists” related to Kurdish militants on its soil.

Turkey established a cross-border incursion into Syria on October 9, after Trump said he’d pull US special forces at the Kurdish-held northwest.

Following the violence murdered scores from either side and displaced hundreds of thousands in their homes, a US-brokered ceasefire was announced late Thursday.

Turkey has awarded the Syrian Army ministry, the de facto military of the Kurdish authorities in northeastern Syria, until Tuesday day to draw from a 30-kilometer strip of Syrian property along its southern boundary.