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US jail States a Problem in Dawood Ibrahim aide’s extradition

Last updated on September 27, 2019

Requirements in the Metropolitan Correctional Centre in New York have emerged as a vital issue in extraditing Jabir Motiwala, an aide of one of India’s most desired, Dawood Ibrahim, using a judge at the Westminster Magistrates Court on Thursday searching more info on potential risk to his rights, even if extradited.

Motiwala, 51, decided to not appear in the courtroom. Judge John Zani explained: “Given his condition of health and suicidal tendencies, what happens when he’s extradited to the prison in New York.” Under UK legislation, extradition is blocked if there’s a threat to the requested individual’s human rights at the requesting country.

Motiwala, who had been detained in London on August 2018, is hunted by US police to face charges of money-laundering USD 1.4 million worth of profits from narcotics smuggling.

Florence Aveson, attorney for the Crown Prosecution Service on behalf of the US government, advised the court that it has obtained advice” of a general character” on the prison conditions. More info on continuing investigations is anticipated from the US government, the court was advised.

Karachi-based Motiwala was allegedly trapped with the FBI in a sting operation where he had been secretly recorded by representatives while he coped with drugs, extortion and money-laundering into the United States. A law specialist from Pakistan formerly told the courtroom FBI’s secret recording violated the nation’s laws.

Aside from the dilemma of human rights, Motiwala’s group has cited the passing of time as yet another reason to oppose extradition.