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US lawmaker, Confronting ethics Stunt, resigns from Congress

U.S. Representative Katie Hill, who’s under investigation by the House ethics committee within an alleged relationship with a congressional staffer, said on Sunday she was resigning from Congress.

Hill, a 32-year-old California Democrat who was elected to the House of Representatives in November 2018, published her resignation letter to Twitter, stating she thought it best for her parts, community, and the nation.

Hill has admitted to an”improper” relationship with a campaign staffer if she had been running for Congress but denied she had a sexual relationship with a staffer in her workplace, based on media reports.

The ethics committee said on Wednesday that it had been”conscious of people allegations… (who Hill) could have engaged in a sexual relationship with a person on her staff,” and said that it had been exploring.

Hill blamed her husband and said she had been pursuing legal options after media outlets published romantic photos that supposed to function as a lawmaker.

“Having personal photographs of private minutes weaponized against me was a dreadful invasion of my privacy,” explained Hill. “It is also prohibited.”

She conquered Republican Steve Knight at a district north of Los Angeles, helping the Democrats win control of the Home. Her district is observed by election analysts in the Cook Political Report among the very competitive in the nation.

Even though Hill’s passing can help Republicans win her chair in November 2020they still face an uphill climb in their own attempt to recover control of the home.