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US oil prices Dip below zero amid coronavirus pandemic

Oil prices in the US dropped to below zero Monday as the requirement collapsed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The purchase price of US crude petroleum hasn’t fallen under $10 but many analysts say the situation needs to increase.

The decrease was in part because of the conclusion of trading for May delivery. Investors sought to eliminate barrels of petroleum left because of an unprecedented fall in demand.

“It is somewhat misleading to concentrate on the May contract,” said Matt Smith, a petroleum exchange specialist for ClipperData told AFP. “There are lots more exchanges around the barrel for shipping in June”.

US petroleum barrels for June delivery also decreased, but much less dramatically, falling 18 percent on Monday to finish at $20.43 ($18.81).

The oil market was undergoing sharp declines for months because of travel constraints in many nations. As authorities have ceased economic action in their nations, demand has fallen appreciably.

The market was inundated with low-cost petroleum after Saudi Arabia started a price war with Russia.

Both nations put an end to the dispute before this month by agreeing to decrease production by almost 10 million barrels daily to excite markets.

But costs continued to plummet as it became evident that the guaranteed reductions wouldn’t be adequate to cancel the fall in demand.