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US President Donald Trump Needs to Fulfill whistleblower at Ukraine scandal

President Donald Trump said Sunday he wishes to satisfy with the anonymous whistleblower in the middle of this scandal threatening his presidency.

Trump was relatively quiet this weekend but at a set of day tweets he blasted Democratic lawmakers and the press because he railed against the impeachment inquiry established a week.

This stunt was triggered by the launch of a rough transcript of a July telephone call where Trump requested the president of Ukraine to research Joe Biden, a possible Democratic candidate at the 2020 US election.

In addition, he enjoyed his attorney general and private lawyer to aid in this effort.

The whistleblower filed a complaint on the contents of this dialogue back in August, stating Trump had attempted to acquire a foreign power to intervene in an US election because of his own profit.

“Like any American, I deserve to satisfy my accuser, particularly if this accuser, the so-called’Whistleblower,’ represented an ideal dialogue with a foreign leader at an entirely incorrect and deceptive manner,” Trump tweeted.

In addition, he explained the de facto chief of the congressional question, Adam Schiff, lied to Congress a week about the Trump stated to the president of Ukraine and needs to be penalized.

“His lies were produced in possibly the most obvious and menacing manner ever seen from the great Chamber,” Trump tweeted.

“He wrote down and read dreadful things, then stated it had been in the mouth of the President of the USA.