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US to Take negative COVID-19 Evaluation from UK travelers

ATLANTA (AP) — The United States will need airline passengers from Britain to find a negative COVID-19 evaluation before their flight, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced late Thursday.

The U.S. is the latest nation to announce new travel restrictions due to a new version of the coronavirus that’s spreading in Britain and everywhere.

Airline passengers in the UK have to find adverse COVID-19 evaluations within three days of the trip and supply the results to the airline, the CDC said in a statement. The bureau said the arrangement will be signed Friday and move into effect on Monday.

When a passenger chooses to not take an examination, the airline has to deny boarding to the passenger,” the CDC said in its announcement.

The bureau said due to travel restrictions in place since March, aviation to the U.S. in the U.K. is currently down by 90 percent.

Last week, Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson reported the new version of this coronavirus appeared to propagate more readily than earlier ones also has been moving quickly through England. Dozens of nations have since barred flights in the U.K.

However, Johnson stressed”there is no evidence to indicate it’s more deadly or causes much more serious illness,” or vaccines will not be as effective against it.

Britain continues to be under significant pressure because the term of this new version of this virus has been made public. Some 40 nations imposed travel bans on Britain, leaving the island country more circulated after Johnson cautioned that the new version of this virus could be 70 percent more infectious

France relaxed its coronavirus-related ban on trucks from Britain on Tuesday following a two-day standoff that had stranded tens of thousands of motorists and increased fears of Christmastime food shortages at the U.K.

French governments, which had enforced the ban to attempt and defend the continent by the new version of this virus that’s circulating in London and southeast England, stated delivery motorists might enter by ferry or tube provided they revealed evidence of a negative test for the virus.

Nevertheless, the French constraints were especially worrisome, since Britain depends heavily on its cross-Channel commercial links to the continent because of meals this season.