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US urges social Networking platforms to Obstruct Iran officials

The authorities imposed a near-total online blackout over a week ago amid violent protests.

“This is a profoundly hypocritical program,” Brian Hook, a unique US representative for Iran, stated in an interview with Bloomberg published on the official State Department Twitter account.

“It shuts down the net while the government continues to utilize every one of these social media reports.

“So among the things we are calling are social media firms such as Facebook and Instagram and Twitter to close down the balances of Supreme Leader Khamenei, the Foreign Minister Zarif and President Rouhani till they animate the world wide web to their men and women.” Demonstrations erupted in Iran on November 15, a couple hours following the shock announcement of a determination to boost gas prices at the pump by around 200% in the sanctions-hit nation.

This day the government radically confined Iranians’ access to the net in a measure seen as aimed at controlling the spread of movies of their violent protests.

Five people have perished in these protests by official authorities count, even although Amnesty International has set the total at over 100.

“The regime closed down the net since they are attempting to hide all the death and catastrophe that the regime was inflicting on tens of thousands of protesters across the nation,” Hook said.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment in AFP.

At a tweet Friday translated into Farsi,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo encouraged any Iranian who witnessed authorities”repression” to send confirmation to the US, claiming it would sanction some abuses. s