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US wildfires: Antifa misinformation continues to Disperse on Social Networking

Deadly wildfires are continuing to anger throughout the US west coast, enveloping the heavens over California, Oregon, and Washington in smoke.

At least 36 people are killed, dozens more are lost, and entire neighborhoods are ruined by the blazes.

The wildfires have split opinion and campaigning before November’s Presidential election between Donald Trump and his Democrat rival Joe Biden.

And on social networking, unfounded conspiracy theories have circulated the flames are due to this far-left political category, Antifa.

On Monday, authorities in Portland affirmed that one defendant was detained for beginning seven little fires over two weeks. However, no mention was made of the defendant’s political affiliation.

The FBI agent in Portland verified on Twitter they had researched claims that extremists are putting wildfires in Oregon and have found them to be”false”.

“Conspiracy theories and misinformation take away valuable resources [from] local fire and police agencies working round the clock to deliver these fires under control,” FBI Portland stated on Twitter.

1 social networking giant, Facebook, included they are eliminating false asserts that wildfires in Oregon have been launched by”certain groups”.

“That is consistent with our previous attempts to eliminate content which could result in imminent harm given the potential threat to human life,” explained Facebook’s Head of Communications Andy Stone.

But an investigation by Euronews has discovered several memes and articles asserting that Antifa”extremists” have begun the wildfires, a few of which have obtained countless shares and likes.

Other untrue claims state that Mexico and Canada haven’t been struck by wildfires. Official info from NASA proves that fires are nevertheless raging in several other nations besides the USA.