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Vast majority of Germans Believe UK Won’t benefit long term from Brexit, Euronews Poll Shows

The vast majority of Germans think the UK won’t reap some long-term benefits from departing the European Union, a Euronews-commissioned poll has shown.

Almost 60 percent of respondents in Germany explained that Brexit wouldn’t offer the UK with almost any profits further down the line.

However, there’s less confidence in different nations.

Just around a third in France (30 percent ) and Italy (36 percent ) think the same. Almost half (47 percent ) of Brits surveyed think there’ll be long-term gains from Brexit.

Views about if EU membership was bad or good for their country are more or less evenly divided in Italy and France, one of those who view it as positive, negative, or do not understand. Back in Germany, the prevailing view, at 47 percent, is being a part of this bloc has been valuable.

On the simple question of EU membership, several more enthusiastic than others. Germans are delighted to remain, by the vast majority of 64%. Back in France, just over half wish to stay, while in Italy those dedicated to the marriage are somewhat eclipsed by a blend of leavers and the cloudy.

In the end, attitudes to the EU amongst member nations are a matter of trust. Individuals at a nationwide level vote for members of the European Parliament, but for most, Brussels and its associations still look distant.

That will explain why the vast majority see in all three states is that the EU does not have their best interests in mind. Over fifty percent of Italians believe that way, as do 46 percent of those French. The Germans would be the most trusting, with 40% viewing Brussels as well-intentioned.

Sample sizes of 1,500 were utilized in each nation.