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Venice Believes a new tourism Version after COVID-19 lockdown

The Coronavirus catastrophe is prompting police from the port of Venice to rethink its mass-tourism version.

As much as 30 million people seen in 2018. Now, like so many different areas, the town is abandoned.

“We have gone from 1 extreme to another,” clarified Matteo Secchi of this Venessia Association. “Here, a couple of months before, we could not even pass each other. Now the roads are empty”

There is a certain attraction about the vacant castles and plazas, albeit of an eery character. Nonetheless, it’s an enchantment that comes at a high price to the cities companies, particularly for people who earn their money straight from tourism.

“Initially, we had been speaking about one or two months, then 3 to 4 months,” said Marianna.

The town’s reliance on mass-tourism supposed Venetians could barely greet each other on the road.

They had been overwhelmed by people, a lot of whom came on enormous cruise liners. But according to the town’s deputy mayor Simone Venturini, it might be time to think about a milder model, even though it means physically restricting the amount of traffic.

“This is going to be a chance to move towards smart tourism. With tourists that take the opportunity to comprehend and escape from the hectic tours of different times.”

It’ll be a tricky move to make, provided that the city’s dependence on tourism, but for the time being, admittedly under horrendous conditions, the roads belong to Venetians.