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Verhofstadt States’Issues Will Need to be solved’ until Brexit deal Could be ratified

Last updated on November 12, 2019

European Union Brexit planner Guy Verhofstadt states there are still difficulties with Britain’s most up-to-date Withdrawal Deal that has to be repaired before it could be ratified.

Specifically, he stated, there were worries regarding the proposed independent monitoring capacity for taxpayers’ rights which will protect EU nationals from the united kingdom following Brexit.

Verhofstadt said the body will be conducted by appointees selected by Britain’s Home Office. “If that’s independent, I do not believe in it,” he stated, adding that it had been one of the problems that would need to be”sorted out by our UK Presents”.

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The brand new bargain negotiated with Boris Johnson was”largely a replica of the preceding arrangement” struck by former Prime Minister Theresa May, he explained — a remark which will be regarded as a political gift to hardline Brexiteers.

He said he had been”a bit disappointed” in the”less challenging” and”slimmer” extent of this governmental statement at the agreement, which copes with prospective UK-EU relations.

Verhofstadt also joked about the British political insanity, telling MEPs: “nobody may follow what is occurring. I am constantly saying if Netflix must make a series about [this] you can’t compete with what’s going on on the floor.”

“So I did something wrong, I believe.”