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Victoria Beckham slammed for using’ill-looking’ Version for her Most Recent Effort

Last updated on September 4, 2019

Singer and style designer Victoria Beckham was criticised on societal websites for boosting her new clothes range with an image of a’ill-looking’ version.

The 45-year-old celebrity shared numerous pictures to advertise her 2019 autumn-winter line.

Nevertheless, it was the version’s framework that grabbed everybody’s attention, with lots of talking about just how slender the version appeared.

The majority of the consumers were unhappy with the version utilized by the celebrity to promote her most recent collection. A high number of social networking consumers, expressing their disappointment, commented on the article the version used to flaunt the dress looked unbelievably thin.

Sad to find an icon like you boosting those ill-looking versions,” one user wrote.

“Scary to check at. Much more frightening to think how sick she needs to be. Not a fantastic look I am astonished this film has so many likes and enjoys!” Another frustrated user remarked.

“I can not believe this girl has a young daughter and she thinks using just models such as this is okay. She wants to utilize all body types inside her campaigns,” a third person stated.

“Photographs like this are what lead to eating disorders, entirely reckless and yet another illustration of gain over conscience,” the other user wrote.

This is not the first time which the style designer has faced criticism because of her selection of versions. She had been formerly known for sharing a photo of quite a thin-looking version for her 2018 eyewear campaign.

In 2015 she stated that her representatives were in contact with the representatives of all of the models she uses to get campaigns in a bid to ensure the girls are leading a wholesome way of life.