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View: Azerbaijan and Armenia leaders Talk exclusively to Euronew

The historical dispute flared up again lately. Both sides competition who’s accountable this time around.

Last year both nations agreed to take”concrete steps to prepare the inhabitants for peace” Yet in the previous fortnight — we are currently reporting the longest phase of violence in the area for 30 decades. And this moment, the battle has actively attracted in different nations, raising the threat of a regional battle.

What are the upcoming steps for both nations? Just how far and for how long would the hostilities proceed — and at what price? And is that still possible, today?

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Total interview transcriptsNikol Pashinyan

“You find the main issue is that we welcomed the global community and also the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs acknowledgment of what’s been occurring. We’ve recognized the announcements of OSCE Minsk Group co-chair nation presidents and international affairs ministers.

We have to be evident that there are civilian casualties on each side of the I’d love to know, are you currently pursuing peace?

This was the only means to block the Azerbaijani enemy strikes and the missile strikes against cities and cities of Nagorno Karabagh and from civilians.”

There is not any consensus from both sides for who’s accountable for the violence beginning back on September 27. You made an announcement this past year, your foreign ministry, which you were planning to prepare civilian inhabitants for peace. That isn’t what we are visiting. I’d love to know, do what degree you are feeling emboldened or supported to behave because maybe you believe that you’re encouraged from Russia? To what extent is that forcing a number of your choices and actions?

“Peace, as always, was our primary and supreme goal in the day that I had been chosen prime minister, ” said we must try to locate a solution which will be acceptable to the people of Armenia, the folks of Nagorno-Karabakh along with also the people of Azerbaijan. And I’m the primary leader involved with the discussions who formally says any solution has to be acceptable to the people of another hand too. The entire issue is that Azerbaijan doesn’t and hasn’t approved formally this strategy. This is a danger of genocide.

“Nowadays international terrorists take part in the execution of the genocide. They had been recruited, attracted to the area by Turkey. They’re fighting on both sides of Azerbaijan. And this reality has been recognized already by nations in the area and a lot of European nations. I want to emphasize, if we would like to halt the humanitarian disaster, if we wish to prevent this battle growing any broader, the global community should demonstrate determination and recognize the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh.”

The global community will also be seeking your activities and we have to stress there are civilian casualties on each side.

“Moving back to a previous query, it is extremely important to set the record clear, requested as to who coined this assault. And I believe in the worldwide media and one of the global community, there’s enough information Armenia and Karabakh couldn’t begin this war for the very simple reason that we don’t have any army jobs to reach here.

“Azerbaijan is the one, which at the previous 15 decades and the previous 15 days ahead of the war, please let me complete. That is no key. Let’s openly reevaluate the statements, that have been created by Azerbaijan and Turkey.

“Let’s analyze openly why terrorists needed to be attracted to Azerbaijan into the line of touch. What another motive would there be in recruiting terrorists from a different country, bringing them into the state? If this nation isn’t likely military aggression, why could Azerbaijan agree to terrorists being hauled to its land? But we believe that the most important thing now is to halt the violence. And because of this, Azerbaijan should stop its attacks. And, naturally, peace in the area.

Are you ready to block the attacks?

“Yes. However, this doesn’t follow that we’d wait then they’d come and commit genocide on our individuals. We haven’t attacked anybody. Our activities and the activities of Karabakh are just for self-defense. We haven’t and don’t have the intention to kill anybody. Our sole objective is to guard the Armenian people from a different genocide. It’s a self-defense purpose”

What is a suitable settlement for you? Is there another method of finding a settlement to this conflict that doesn’t involve violence?

“Our position was and remains the Karabakh problem cannot be solved through violence. Any remedy can’t be accomplished through violence. However, Azerbaijan’s policy was a strategy to solve the Karabakh problem. Armenia has always been prepared for compromise. Azerbaijan is the one that doesn’t in any way need any compromise. They don’t want compromise. Their only answer is that the Armenians of Karabakh, who constantly were 80 plus percent of the populace of Karabakh, ought to be displaced and they will have Karabakh through ethnic cleansing and this region gets free of Armenians plus a non-Armenian inhabited region.

“These folks can’t only leave their tens of thousands of years’ homelands simply because Azerbaijan demands thus they must defend themselves and they have that right into self-defense. There’s not any additional goal for Nagorno Karabagh hereself-defense.”

Ilham Aliyev

What’s your goal now from the battle?

It has to be a bilateral choice. And it has to be implemented on the floor. Thus far, we’ve nearly 30 civilians killed because of Armenian assault, for example, ballistic missiles and cluster bombs.

“Our counter-attack was powerful. We have managed to liberate a part of the occupied territories and also our principal objective is [that the ] recovery of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. And this program must be accepted by the Minsk Group co-chairs, the states that are mediators, and following that, I believe that the effort has to be levied on attaining the cease-fire.”

The states that you are referencing have asked for a ceasefire. Why is it not that happening, today? Are you not pushing for this to take place instantly?

“Since we’ve been the subject of assault for, er, many occasions. Throughout the previous 3 months, there were three attacks on Azerbaijan. One in July about the boundary between Armenia and Azerbaijan, far from the area of Nagorno Karabakh, and the objective of Armenia was going to occupy new lands of Azerbaijan, and they didn’t manage to take action. Our military conquered them. This was a failure for them since the head of this sabotage group was arrested. And he provides signs exactly about what I am saying. And at the end of September, they found a huge assault on our cities and villages.

“I will tell you that around now, we’ve nearly 900 homes completely repainted or damaged and several casualties and wounded individuals among civilians. And today after Armenia is suffering an extremely bitter defeat. They are begging to get a ceasefire. They left [a] breach of ceasefires themselves.

Armenia dismissed it.

Mr. President, civilians are killed on either side of the battle. How can you succeed with your goals?

“We regret that civilians have been murdered. And naturally, we were not the objective.

“We weren’t the origin of the assault since it was the very first scene on the afternoon of the 27th September that which they did: they attacked our towns and villages and we all needed to react. However, our reply mainly is and mostly is on their army rankings, in their tanks and guns.

“And what we’re doing on the battlefield is offered in [the] net.

“Our drones along with our additional gear demolished only military targets about the occupied lands. Regrettably, Armenia is using civilians to get more folks on the floor because the market situation is quite bad, and we’ve got video regarding the civilians being only near the firearms and obviously…

Armenia will have the ability to state…”

Allow me to direct you to a guarantee your foreign ministry made last year which stated it had been essential to take concrete steps to prepare the inhabitants for peace. What we’re seeing now is that the reverse of that. Are you attempting to restrict the suffering of civilians?

“You understand, we aren’t responsible for this epidemic. Aside from that, the present Armenian program did everything to ruin the negotiation procedure.

“Just 1 year ago, Armenian Prime Minister in a rally at the inhabited region of Azerbaijan announced that Karabakh is Armenian. And that statement destroyed [the] negotiation procedure because the fundamentals, which can be around the table and that are the foundation for reimbursement, they require the return of their occupied territories to Azerbaijan. When the Armenian prime minister states, that there will be no a centimeter of property to go back to Azerbaijan when he states that Karabakh, his Armenia if they organized prohibited settlement of overseas people about the occupied territories, that will be a brutal violation of the Geneva Convention, they ruin negotiation procedure. Following that, to make us accountable for this, they strike us three occasions – July, August, and September. And if we defeat them on the battle, they call anyplace, they create a plea to everybody, cease Azerbaijan. We wish to prevent it, but we need [the] job to stop. Thus the most important message must be to Armenia. We aren’t on Armenian land. We’re on our territory. Our territory for 27 decades.”

One matter Armenia will state is that Turkey is providing a very strong effect here, for example providing things like military help. To what extent could you say Turkey is accelerating and compelling your nation and your activities in this battle?

“That is false details. Turkey for us is a powerful ally, spouse, and brotherly nation. And needless to say, the statements voiced their place, and we are very thankful for the Turkish authorities, the Turkish president, Turkish individuals with this service. However, Turkey in no other manner is included in this battle.

“Armenia bringing this bogus news to the media needs to reduce the potential for the Azerbaijani military. We’re fighting ourselves. Yes, the buy, we bought firearms from Turkey, although not just, our principal source of weapons isn’t Turkey, and probably everyone knows about that. Therefore the very fact that we purchase modern Turkish gear, for example, fighter drones, shouldn’t be problematic for anybody because Armenia gets weapons at no cost. We cover them and Armenia gets rid of the charge.

“Turkey isn’t…”

We continue talking about weapons and we continue talking about battling.

“I will tell you that throughout my term for a president, I’d possibly tens of discussions with two former presidents and the present prime minister.

And we had been constructive. Negotiations are occurring since 1992. Could you envision, for nearly 30 decades and we’re residing with expects, mediators were telling us that you ought to wait just a bit, they will be a more constructive strategy from [the] Armenian side? However, if this prime minister came into power, as a consequence of the coup d’etat a couple of decades back, he ruined a complete negotiation procedure.

“And that I had meetings with him several times, but those meetings are completely senseless. And he explained that they aren’t likely to provide territories back. They explained that Nagorno-Karabakh, has to be, just how can you say, corrected to Armenia. So this completely unacceptable demand to me personally and unacceptable for mediators. [The] Armenian authorities should alter their position, if refrain from [a] maximalist place if quit telling that Karabakh is Armenia since this isn’t accurate and this is ruining [the] negotiation procedure. And naturally, we’re going back. And as much as I understand. The foreign ministry was supposed to move there at the start of the month, however, he dismissed it. He’s not there. Our foreign ministry is there. It reveals who desires discussions and who was simply [throwing] accusations from Azerbaijan.”