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View: Coffins To Die For From Ghana’s Grasp Of This Craft

Seventy-two-year-old Paa Joe began making coffins in 1962 and participates in quite unusual ones.

All these”fantasy coffins” are popularly called Abebuu Adekai from the Ga language, meaning”that the receptacle of proverbs.”

However, Paa Joe maintains his caskets stand as a part of their departed’s life. The contours he carves signify the careers of the deceased sailing boats for sailors, planes for tanks, pilots for fish and soldiers for sailors.

His big body of work also includes Coca-Cola bottles, cows, automobiles, and even a lion.

Papa Joe’s caskets are exhibited in art galleries across the globe and museums have commissioned him to create individual bits, while normal Ghanaians continue to return for him to bury their nearest and dearest.