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Vilnius becomes giant round café to Encourage Restaurants and Bars

Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, has been turned into a giant round café with the government allowing pubs and restaurants to prepare tables out free of charge to respect social distancing principles as the nation slowly alleviates lockdown restrictions.

The town’s mayor informed Euronews the people had welcomed the initiative together with”great excitement”.

“Following six or nearly seven months in quarantine, everyone wishes to socialize somehow and also to socialize securely,” Remigijus Šimašius stated in a live meeting on Euronews Now.

The Baltic nation has listed 46 deaths and 1,419 instances of this virus since the start of the outbreak, according to a tally maintained from the Johns Hopkins University.

However, cafés and restaurants still need to adhere to rigorous physical distancing rules to reopen, with seats only allowed outside and customers placed at several tables to be two meters apart.

By Mayor, Šimašiusthis could have excluded many companies in the Unesco-listed Old Town, in which narrow cobbled streets leave little space for outside seating. The town has decided to open its public spaces to get cafés and restaurants to utilize.

“Plazas, squares, and roads — neighboring cafés are going to have the ability to prepare outdoor tables for free this year and so run their actions during the quarantine. Simply open Upwork, keep jobs and maintain Vilnius living,” Šimašius stated.

He advised Euronews the movement also allowed individuals to enjoy a coffee or a meal out with buddies in”a very secure and also enjoyable way”.

The measure was welcomed by specialists using Evada Šiškauskienė, the mind of this nation’s Association of Hotels and Restaurants, stating it”came just in time”.

“This extra space can help them adapt more traffic and bring back life to the city roads without violating safety conditions,” she added.

According to the mayor’s office, approximately 200 cafés, restaurants, and pubs have employed to install outside seating in public areas and the town has stated that more space can be made available when needed.

The mayor also championed a method where people may purchase vouchers for use when the lockdown is raised to encourage local companies. The municipality itself purchased coupons worth $25 for every one of the town’s medical employees.