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Virtually 100 Indian soldiers Participating in 7th World Military Games in China

Last updated on October 18, 2019

India has sent a delegation of approximately 100 soldiers chosen in the 3 wings of the armed forces to take part in the 7th World Military Games, inaugurated by President Xi Jinping at the central Chinese city of Wuhan on Friday.

While the primary VIP observer from India for its matches is Vice-Admiral Biswajit Dasgupta, the Indian delegation is led by Lieutenant General Sanjay Kumar Jha.

Dasgupta is now the Controller of Personnel Services from the Indian navy.

In the following ten days, a total of 9,308 soldiers in 109 countries will take part in some record-high 329 events around 27 sports from the host town of Wuhan, state press reported.

The Military World Games, known as the Olympic Games for its army, is the top-rated multi-sport occasion for army personnel from throughout the world.

The matches are also being held only 3 weeks following China held its largest military parade in Beijing on October 1 to indicate the 70th year of their founding of the nation under the rule of the Communist Party of China.

The government in Wuhan has assembled a variety of new places for the matches such as the Wuhan Five Rings Sports Centre consisting of a stadium that could hold 30,000 individuals, a gymnasium that will chair 8,000, along with a swimming center that could accommodate over 10,000 individuals.

The state media is boosting the matches as among those big events of this year.

“The army gala, occurring in China for the very first time, has already broken records. The launching ceremony will exhibit the world’s biggest 3D stage, using innovative projectors, lighting and LED screens to make the 3-dimensional effect.

The high tech components utilized in the service will help visually enlarge the stage’s distance, introducing a multi-dimensional visual impact plus a 360-degree panoramic perspective,” official news agency, Xinhua said in a report.

One of the areas in the match are formation skydiving, personality skydiving, and skydiving precision.

“Army pentathlon is a poly athletic contest comprising five occasions – shooting, barrier run, obstacle swimming, throwing and cross-country jogging. The website is set up to simulate the battle environment, and thus the contest moves the limits of endurance,” the Xinhua report included.