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Vladimir Putin bestows commemorative WWII medal on Kim Jong Un

The medal was given to the North Korean chief because of his role in maintaining the memory of Allied soldiers that perished on North Korean territory, ” the announcement said.

Russia’s ambassador in North Korea,” Alexander Matsegora, presented the award to the Nation’s Foreign Minister Ri Son-Gwon on Tuesday. Kim, who had been detained earlier this month to have fallen sick, did not attend the service.

Pictures of this meeting in Pyongyang revealed Russian and North Korean officials wearing face masks even though North Korea thus far hasn’t reported one instance of the new coronavirus.

Last year Russia encouraged Kim to go to Moscow on May 9 and wait for the military parade marking the 75th anniversary of this success. Putin declared the decision to postpone the parade forever last month due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2015, the North Korean leader refused a similar invitation to the 70th anniversary, citing national affairs.