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Volunteers build Course to Historical site of cosmonaut landing in Russian Woods

The road, deep in the distant Perm region of Russia, will draw visitors to the website at which 55 years past two cosmonauts crash-landed following their spacecraft malfunctioned.

After finishing the first spacewalk ever, Alexey Leonov, together with fellow cosmonaut Pavel Belyaev, confronted a system collapse upon re-entry into Earth.

They had been made to land the Voskhod-2 spacecraft deep in the woods amid winter – much from your destination.

It took three weeks for rescue crews to attain them from the distant area, but they emerged as heroes from the Soviet space program.

“This website is very important not just to the Perm area, but I’d say it’s important both to Russia and to the entire world since there aren’t numerous areas where cosmonauts property,” stated Vladimir Lipnyagov, Head of charity base Parma that has organized the path job.

“Second, here’s the location where all these very famous cosmonauts landed, and also this very famous Voskhod-2 (spacecraft) from where the first spacewalk by a guy in history happened.”

A plaque today stands at the place where the spacecraft landed in 1965 – a place that was previously hard for people to achieve.

Nevertheless, the brand new 400-meter extended eco-trail, assembled over fourteen days, means tourists will then have the ability to see the spot far more readily.

“Folks, naturally, do come here, however, there wasn’t any direct fantastic path, so to say there were horrible bumps here, thick grass growing,” explained Anna Ivanova, among those volunteers.

“Today anyone would have the ability to come here, I believe, by foot, up to this stage, and watch in person the website where the cosmonauts landed.”

Lipnyagov expects a new monument could be created because he states that the present one is”overly gloomy”.

“We’d love to place about the landing site a version of that capsule where our cosmonauts Leonov and Belyaev landed.”