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Voting Starts in Afghanistan’s presidential elections

Amid Taliban dangers, voting started on Saturday to select third president for Afghanistan.

Nearly 9.6 million individuals have enrolled to vote at the election, according to the Independent Election Commission.

The polls come after a bloody two-month election effort which has been marred by repeated strikes across the war-torn nation.

Nearly 445 polling centers from 5,371 centers will be closed in the election day however the Ministry of Interior has guaranteed a protected environment will be given to the Republicans, based on Tolo News.

The path to the polls was anything but sure, as a set of discussions involving the USA and the Taliban from the Qatari capital, Doha, threatened to derail the whole process, reports Al Jazeera.

The continuous questioning of the polls lasted before US President Donald Trump delivered out a set of mad tweets announcing that the talks dead following a Taliban-claimed bombing that led to deaths of 14 Afghan civilians and a US soldier.

Those tweets came only 20 days ahead of the Afghan election.

As candidates began to go from state to state as well as also the airwaves filled up with campaign ads, the public’s questions concerning the election went out of”will there be an election” to” would you vote” and”for whom”.

“I have a message to the Taliban: you shouldn’t stop the people in their own right. If you’re Afghans, then permit the people of Afghanistan to vote to ensure a powerful government is made then it’s possible to attend the peace discussions with this government,” Chief of Army Staff Gen. Bismillah Waziri said.

He added, “However it won’t be possible if you would like to hinder the procedure.”

The New York Times reported the preliminary results of these elections aren’t expected to be announced until October 17 and closing outcome until November 7.

“We can’t announce the outcome at the conclusion of the election day,” Nuristani said, adding that in the close of the day, just the entire amount of voters will likely be declared.

“We are devoted to providing a fantastic atmosphere for tracking (the procedure on the election day),” head of the Election Commission’s secretariat, Habib-Ur-Rahman, stated.

He explained that 144,146 federal and global observers are set up for the election day.

Afghanistan’s past presidential election, in 2014, was stained by corruption, squabbling and fraud complaints which then-Secretary of State John Kerry stepped into a strained political union between the two leading candidates, Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah — the top candidates in the vote, too.

Last October, parliamentary elections descended into turmoil involving yelling games and shouts of ballot-stuffing and political payoffs.