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Vox: Who will be Spain’s far-right celebration and what exactly do they stand for?

Santiago Abascal Conde, leader of this far-right Vox celebration, says the secret to his success is that he”does not deceive” and contains”a very clear message”.

Vox has existed because of 2013 but it didn’t manage to enter the Spanish Parliament until last April’s elections once they gained the fifth-biggest number of chairs.

Its electoral program contains proposals that would violate the Church, for example, eliminating the Autonomous Communities.

Vox maintains the suspension of their autonomy, the outlawing of civic parties and”the highest legal protection for those symbols of the country, particularly the flag, the anthem and the crown” – three words which are written in capital letters.

The far-right celebration also indicates some contentious measures to suppress irregular immigration. Abascal defends the barbarous repatriation of those who aren’t legally living in Spain, whom he believes to make”quite serious economic and coexistence issues”, and would need Spain to leave the Schengen area.

Seeing Catalonia, Abascal asserts there is”a permanent coup d’├ętat”. To solve the conflict, he would”encourage the suspension of freedom to take management of people Catalan tv, authorities and instruction”.

The previous campaign of Vox could be contrasted to other European far-right moves, such as the French National Rally, headed by Marine Le Pen. During the previous weeks, Vox has vetoed particular journalists and press from their agendas, something which Marine Le Pen was performing for many years in France.

Who’s Santiago Abascal?

He calls himself a”powerful patriot” and has acknowledged his love for bicycles and horses.

He heard about politics, his other passion, by a young age. He’s the grandson of a pro-Franco mayor and also the son of a pioneer of the Basque People’s Party.

Since that moment he always carries with him a pistol, first to shield his dad and to shield his four kids, two from each of his two unions.