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Wayne Rooney’s Spouse Coleen slams Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebekah on Twitter, accuses her of leaking Personal information

“It was a weight in my own life for a couple of years now and I have to the base of this,” wrote the 33-year old prior to sharing a lengthy post where she detailed how she captured Rebekah Vardy.

From the article Coleen mentioned that personal articles and tales from her Instagram accounts were leaked to The Sun by among her followers. She went on to describe what she didn’t capture the offender.

This is what she wrote from the article:

“For a couple of decades now somebody who I trusted to accompany on my Instagram account was always telling The Sun newspaper of my personal posts and tales.

“There’s been so much information supplied to them about me, my friends and my loved ones — without my consent or knowledge.

“To attempt to establish this, I created a notion, I blocked everybody from seeing Instagram except ONE account.

“(Those in my personal account should have been wondering why I have not had stories on the market for some time ).

“Within the last five months I’ve posted a string of bogus stories to determine whether they left their way to sunlight newspaper.

The narrative about sex selection in Mexico, the narrative about coming to TV and the most recent story about the cellar flooding in my new residence.

“It has been hard keeping it and not making any comment in any way, particularly when the stories are leaked, but I needed to. I know for sure which account/individual it has come from.

“I’ve saved and screenshotted all of the original stories that clearly reveal only 1 individual has seen them.

“It is….

“What could I profit from selling tales ?”

She explained:”As I’ve just said to you about the telephone, I wish you’d called me should you believed this.

“I never talk to anybody about you as many journalists who’ve requested me over the years may vouch for.

“If you believed that was occurring you might have told me I might have changed my passwords to determine whether it ceased.

“Over the years many individuals have had access to my insta & only this week I discovered I had been after people I did not understand and haven’t followed myself.

“I am not being funny but I do not want the cash, what could I profit from selling tales on you?

“I liked you a lot Coleen & I am so angry that you’ve chosen to try it, particularly when I am heavily pregnant.

“I am disgusted that I am even needing to deny that. You must have called me first time this occurred.”