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‘We take a chance to fight that pandemic,’ insists Sweden’s EU Affairs Minister

Sweden has thus far resisted the desire to employ a country-wide lockdown to include contagion from COVID-19. But they’re quite much under scrutiny for what many view as an exceedingly laissez-faire approach.

The government has advised individuals to operate in the house where possible and avoid crowded areas. However, this is only information. Systems aren’t set up officially to prevent people from collecting together.

As of Monday 13 April that the nation has over 10,000 confirmed instances and more than 900 deaths connected to the coronavirus, but Sweden’s acquaintances Denmark, Finland, and Norway, were one of the earliest European nations to inflict lockdowns since the virus spread.

“I believe we do a lot to fight this pandemic, to help block the spread of the virus and to protect vulnerable people. And we do it using a mix of legislation, naturally. We’ve banned the schools and universities to carry on with the instruction; we’ve prohibited visitors to see the houses of the elderly; we have encouraged everybody over 70-years-old to keep in the home; we invite everyone who can, to operate at home.”

“We’ve got a great deal of social bookmarking but this isn’t based on laws made by parliament but made with recommendations by our general health authorities and they are well respected in my own country, you may always see exceptions of course, but this is something which individuals know is severe, they consider it seriously and they know why they should take action.”

However, is it sufficient?

“We will not know until later. Every nation is going to need to be judged on what’s been the result in the long run.”

“I am saying that the test of what every nation was doing, has to be tracked after we understand in the conclusion of the catastrophe. But where we’re right now from the catastrophe, we’re all set to take any actions necessary and we’re asking the Swedish individuals to not travel within this Easter holiday, to not head to work, to not go beyond the home when you have some indication of this illness and to maintain social re – this is very much the matter which was also made around Europe and we must combat this together”

It is clear to everybody on a lot of distinct facets and that is the reason why we’ve adopted a National Security plan which includes views and it’s to do with everything from water source to cybersecurity.”