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‘We’re voiceless’: Hundreds of thousands protest in London for new Brexit vote

Last updated on October 19, 2019

Thousands of Britons marched through London on Saturday to need a fresh Brexit referendum, stating their views were ignored as lawmakers in parliament chose the destiny of Britain’s departure from the European Union.

The protesters, some having traveled for hours from across the United Kingdom for into the funds, waved EU flags beneath bright skies and held placards that used creativity and humor.

The audience blocked enormous stretches of central London, with tens of thousands of people waiting to start the march at Hyde Park at others had attained parliament since lawmakers held the first Saturday session as the 1982 Falklands war.

“I’m incensed that we’re not being listened to. The majority of the surveys show that now people wish to stay in the EU. We believe we are voiceless,” explained Hannah Barton, 56, a citrus manufacturer from central England, that had been draped in an EU flag.

“That is a national tragedy waiting to happen and it will ruin the market.”

After over three decades of tortuous argument, it’s still unsure how, when or even when Brexit will occur as Prime Minister Boris Johnson attempts to maneuver his fresh Brexit offer and plots away from their strangest political crisis in a generation.

While Brexit has split families, parties, parliament and the nation, both sides concur Saturday could be among the most significant times in recent British history: a juncture which could form the destiny of the United Kingdom for generations.

Some wore fancy costumes with a single set dressed as vegetables and fruit.

There were effigies mocking politicians like Johnson and his key advisor Dominic Cummings.

One explained: “I’m quite cross about this” while the other was”I left this signal rather than crying”.

Since the marchers progressed some blew whistles and wrapped in cries of”Stop Brexit”.

“This brand new bargain bears no similarity to what folks were promised and therefore it’s only right that people deserve another opportunity to have their state,” he explained.

A rally this dimension could be one of the biggest ever in Britain.

“We do not provide estimates of amounts because it is such an inexact science. However it’s reasonable to say it’s currently quite busy during the procession course,” London police said on Twitter.

Many railed against governmental leaders Brexit to be elite and from touch.

Some were young men and women that were not able to vote throughout the 2016 referendum and explained the struggle for a different vote because of the defining political event of the lives.

“When we leave the EU that this isn’t the conclusion of this, we’ll continue fighting to rejoin till that occurs,” explained Victoria Paynter, 17, who held a sign”assess us until you mess us”.

In 2016, 52% supported Brexit, while 48% endorsed staying from the EU.

Some opinion polls have demonstrated that a small change in favor of staying in the EU, but there’s to be a significant shift in attitudes and lots of voters say they’ve grown increasingly bored by Brexit.

Since July 2017 there were 226 surveys asking people if they encourage Leave or Stay, according to a survey of surveys by YouGov released last week. Of these, 204 have set support for staying from the EU beforehand, seven contributed a lead to depart along with some happen to be tied.

Other surveys suggest most voters haven’t changed their thoughts: 50 percent of the public would like to respect the referendum outcome, 42% want Britain to stay at the EU and 8 percent stated they do not understand, the biggest Brexit poll because 2016 completed by ComRes discovered.

Supporters of Brexit state holding another referendum would deepen divisions and endanger democracy.

The struggle for pro-referendum compels is finding enough support in parliament, and even though another referendum were consented, it might take weeks to organize and that there could be disputes regarding the question.