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What exactly are Novichok nerve agents?

Tests were carried out with a specialized military lab after Mr. Navalny had been airlifted into Berlin for therapy, having fallen sick to a national Russian trip on August 20.

Navalny’s group blamed the poisoning about the Kremlin, asserting that somebody spiked the resistance leader.

This is the next strike connected to Novichok neural agents, after the 2018 poisoning of the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal along with his daughter in Salisbury, England.

While the Skripals lived, 1 woman afterward died after coming into contact with what British police said was a perfume jar containing the compound.

Russia has denied any participation from the poisonings.

So what precisely are Novichok nerve agents? And why do experts say their usage points into the Kremlin?

It’s thought that Novichok agents could be five to ten times as lethal as sarin and VX.

“These compounds were developed and researched by the former Soviet Union, and by what we understand in the public domain. .Russia appears to have had more curiosity about this than anybody else,” toxicology professor Alastair Hay informed Euronews.

“Novichoks, for example, every nerve agents, may be managed by many different paths. You can swallow it, it is possible to breathe in, it may enter through your eyeballs, or throughout the skin, plus they are toxic by any way of management,” Professor Hay said.

In 2018 British researchers stated that Novichok compounds had probably been smeared on the door handle of Sergei Skripal’s house. Here is the first documented use of this nerve agent.

“I believe Novichok substances were used contrary to the Skripals since they’d never been used previously‚Ķ .and that they [Russia] were expecting it would be tricky to find them,” Professor Hay clarified.

“You want quite sophisticated equipment to find them since they’re powerful in very tiny concentrations, therefore this implies that their concentration in the blood is extremely low. Therefore that the ability of the majority of labs to locate these is restricted,” he explained.

“You can administer a very small dose which will kill somebody. I believe that the intention was in the Skripals’ Mr and case Navalny’s instance, to kill”