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What is Causing My Rash?

Rash is disturbing lesions on the skin which give you constant irritation. It is a quite a broad medical term. Doctors use specific terms to describe each kind of rash. 

In common man’s language, rash can be referred to many different skin conditions. 

Skin rash can be defined as change in the colour and texture of skin which mostly causes an eruption of red patches or thumps on the skin.

Rash can be limited to one part of the body or it can cover a large area. Rash can be of changing colour, dry, moisty, cracked, smoothed or blistered. 

Most of you would have experienced yourself or seen people close to you facing some kind of rash. While some of these rashes do not need any treatment and clear up on their own, some do require medical handling.

In the article below, we will try understanding some potential causes of rash.

There are varied kinds of rashes as we can identify from their different appearances and hence there are many possible reasons for causing you rash.

Causes of Rash

Skin rash may be caused due to factors like allergies, diseases, reactions to medications or some bacterial or fungal infections can lead to same. There are actually quite a many causes that may be triggering you rash.

  1. Skin Contact or Contact Dermatitis – When your skin touches something it is allergic to, it may cause you a rash. For e.g. some people develop rash after touching certain kinds of dyes, beauty products, some chemicals like latex or some plants like ivy and sumac which are poisonous.  

The symptoms may be red and inflamed skin with a weepy rash.

  1. Autoimmune Conditions – When the immune system starts attacking healthy tissues of the body it is called autoimmune system. As a result, there may be autoimmune diseases including rashes.

A butterfly shaped rash usually appears on the skin in case of lupus.

  1. Infections – Infections are a common cause of rash. Depending upon the source i.e. whether it is a bacterial, fungal or a viral infection, the rashes will appear.

Candidiasis is a common fungal infection that usually appears in skin folds and causes itchy rash. It is must to show it to your doctor. Infections should not be left untreated.

  1. Treatments or Medications – Some people are allergic to some medicines that can result in rash. So if you feel the symptoms of sunburn or any kind of rash after eating antibiotics or any other medicine, consult your doctor who may provide you a substitute for it.
  1. Food Allergy – Touching or eating some kinds of foods can result in skin reactions. Eczema is one such kind of itchy scaly rash that is a result of food allergens. There are no fixed foods or any exhaustive list of food items that can cause skin allergy. It is dependent on each body type.

So listen to your body and check for the allergens that are causing you rash. Together with your dermatologist you can chalk out treatment for the rashes you experience.