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What misinformation is that there on societal websites about US voter fraud?

As voting counting aids within a protracted US election stalemate, misinformation and conspiracy theories have discovered fertile ground on the internet.

Back in Arizona, social networking users asserted that election officials had provided voters with”Sharpie pens” at a concept being shared beneath the hashtag #Sharpiegate.

Social networking articles falsely indicated that election officials across the US-supplied voters with”Sharpie pens” that ceased vote tabulation machines by studying them, especially people who have President Donald Trump.

There’s absolutely no evidence for it.

Arizona election officials affirmed “Sharpies” were used in voting, but they stated that wouldn’t invalidate a ballot.

The Maricopa County Elections Department tweeted election day that voting centers use Sharpies so that ink doesn’t smudge when ballots are counted.

“New counter columns around the ballots imply sifting won’t affect your vote” They tweeted within an informational movie.

However, 1 movie with over 821,000 viewpoints showed a woman talking about just how four different polling places were using Sharpies and a guy asks her when”these ballots aren’t being counted” and”are “

“They’re invalidating votes is what they’re doing,” the guy says. He moved on to suggest voters use a ballpoint pen instead.

However, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has said that ballots will be counted”regardless of what sort of pencil you employed – even a Sharpie”.

In Allegheny County in Pennsylvania – yet another vital swing state – officials advised Euronews that asserts about allegations concerning using Sharpie pens or manufacturers were simply”rumors”.

“When the scanner is not able to read the ballot, the scan has been attempted a few more times,” stated a spokesperson.

“If not successful, the ballot will be recreated and confirmed during the Return Board procedure and could then be flashed and flashed.”


Another misinformation trend surfacing throughout election day was hashtag #stopthesteal, as a part of an unfounded claim that Democrats were trying to steal the election.

Back in Pennsylvania, and from circumstance video surfaced of election officials turning a poll watcher from the voting channel went viral, amassing more than three million viewpoints.

Trump’s election operations manager, Mike Roman, retweeted it asserting that Democrat officials were”banning” Trump poll watchers, stating”the slip is really on”.

Philadelphia’s town commissioners’ office has stated it had been an honest mistake from the polling official, who had been after preceding regulations.

The poll watcher was granted in following the situation has been cleared up, the office included.

This hashtag has shown through social networking platforms, using a #stopthesteal Facebook page amassing over 260,000 members.

It is up to us, the American People, to struggle and to put a halt to it’ the webpage reads in the info section.

“Our groups are tracking the hashtag #StopTheSteal and relevant tweets, and when they discover violations of their Twitter Rulesthey will take enforcement actions so,” that a Twitter spokesperson informed Euronews.