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What’s the truth behind this 5G coronavirus plot theory?

“Anybody who says it is not harmful is not telling the facts.”

He considers that it degrades the immune system and the risks have been covered up by strong forces in the worldwide telecommunications market.

Three months before, Barrie was a part of a very small minority with those intense and unfounded views. But all that changed when COVID-19 spread along with the entire world locked down.

Celebrities, with enormous followings, began indicating there might be truth to those unfounded claims by discussing with the conspiracy concept to the mainstream.

However, just what are the promises which are fueling these conspiracies? And why are they harmful crap?

First, there is the promise that 5G has resulted in the virus. We can eliminate this immediately.

View: The facts behind the 5G conspiracy concept
Scientists affirm that COVID-19 is transmitted through respiratory droplets, and they’re fast to point out that you can’t transmit droplets via 5G waves.

Perhaps the most common of all of the theories is that the proposal in which 5G degrades the immune system, which has helped disperse COVID-19.

Firstly, lots of the hardest-hit nations currently don’t have any 5G infrastructure. Iran has over 114,000 confirmed instances – without a 5G masts.

Second, the concept that 5G is harmful to the immune system is precisely the same assert we watched if 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi were launched.

5G waves are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum and it’s correct that high-frequency radiation at the end of the spectrum does pose risks.

That is because these high tech waves have been”ionizing”, meaning that they could cause internal damage to our bodies if a vulnerability is too amazing.

Require X-Rays for instance. These penetrate the human body and are utilized for clinical imaging, therefore a patient’s vulnerability must be restricted.

5G is in a group of low-frequency waves, such as WiFi, which are”non-ionizing”.

If we hear this science, the simple truth is that 5G can’t be supporting the pandemic, possibly by spreading the virus or by degrading our immune reaction.