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When Robert Downey Jr earned Rs 100 crore for 3 days’ work on Spider-Man Homecoming. That is $1 million each second

It is no secret that Robert Downey Jr has been Marvel’s most precious celebrity.

Downey, who played Iron Man in 2008, immediately became the de-facto mind of their Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, often earning more cash his Avengers co-stars. According to The Hollywood Reporter, while Downey’s base wages at the subsequent Marvel movies were in the area of $20 million, he also negotiated a deal with the studio which saw him get a cut of their profits. This exceptional arrangement led to Downey making a reported $75 million to Avengers: Infinity War.

His Avengers co-stars like Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans made between $15 and 20 million to the Avengers movies but did not have this kind of lucrative backend deal set up. Marvel allegedly increased the thresholds and celebrities will claim a share of their earnings from $500 million worldwide gross profit to $700 million globally, and $1.5 billion globally for Avengers movies.

And this is Downey’s worth that the celebrity was brought in to get a supporting character in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland’s initial solo film as the favorite personality, for a reported $15 million. Downey worked three times on the film, which translates into $5 million daily. With 15 minutes of screentime, the celebrity essentially made $1 million each minute for his job on the movie.

Homecoming was budgeted in a reported $175 million. Downey reasoned his MCU conduct with Endgame in 2019, though rumors of his return Black Widow persist.