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Which companies are included alongside electricity plants in list of EU’s top polluters?

The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has climbed over Ryanair and 2 power plants at a position of the EU’s largest carbon dioxide (CO2) emitters in 2019.

MSC is currently in 7th place and Ryanair at 8th on the top 10 list, that relies on European Union data.

Six plants that are German and 2 Polish plants satisfy the eight remaining spaces.

The ranking was assembled by think tank Transport & Environment (T&E) and estimated MSC generated 10.72 million tonnes of CO2 in 2019, while Ryanair introduced an estimated 10.53 million tonnes.

MSC and Ryanair both discharge less CO2 than the biggest coal-fired power plants at the listing.

The think tank reinforced the addition of transport from the EU emissions trading system (ETS) before a vote on the topic from the European Parliament on Monday.

By making power plants, plants and airlines pay for their pollution, the ETS aims to decrease CO2 emissions.

“Electricity and other businesses are cutting their emissions in year out in reaction to EU regulations, however, sending pollution is left unaffected,” explained Faïg Abbasov, sending supervisor at T&E.

Abbasov called on MEPs to vote for a method that”eventually makes ships cover their emissions and re-invests that the cash in cleaner ships”.

But even if compelled to cover emissions by EU pollution licenses, T&E said transport companies in the bloc would nevertheless pay seven days less than trucks, which have greater gas taxes.

The think tank said the addition of transport in the ETS would have to be matched with CO2 criteria that ultimately guarantee transport’s decarbonisation from 2050.

Euronews has contacted MSC and Ryanair for comment but hadn’t got a response in the time of publication.