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WHO Main to Trump: There Will be body bags Should you politicise coronavirus Emergency

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was responding to remarks made by US President Donald Trump who stated he had been considering cutting funds in the global organization leading the struggle against COVID-19.

In a media conference in Geneva, Dr Tedros issued a request against politicizing the outbreak, equating it to playing with passion.

“Please do not politicize this particular virus. It replenishes the gaps you’ve got at the federal level. If you would like to get tapped and if you would like to have more body bags, you then certainly do it,” Dr. Tedros stated in a defensive reaction to queries concerning the US president’s opinions.

“If you do not need a lot more body bags, you then definitely refrain from politicizing it.”

“We should not waste time pointing fingers. We need the time to combine,” Dr Tedros added.

He also defended the history of this global health organization, record several areas where the organization has worked to fight the virus, such as building state capacity to prepare and react, publishing advice, engaging international physicians, and notifying the general public about the virus.

“we’ve been doing what we could. We’ll continue to do everything night and day like we’ve been performing… we would like to know from our mistakes and move forward. However, for now, the focus ought to be on battling this virus”

The US financed nearly one-fifth of the World Health Organization’s funding from 2018 to 2019.