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WHO says you Will Grab coronavirus over Formerly, warns against Thought of’Resistance passports’

Catching Covid-19 once might not protect you from accessing it, according to the World Health Organization.

“There is now no evidence that those who’ve recovered from Covid-19 and also have antibodies are protected by another disease,” the United Nations agency said in an April 24 announcement.

The WHO advice came after a few authorities suggested that individuals who have antibodies to this coronavirus may be issued an”immunity passport” or even”protected certification” that would permit them to return or travel to function, depending on the premise they were safe out of re-infection, according to the announcement. Individuals issued such a certificate may dismiss public-health advice, raising the possibility of this disease spreading further.

While many nations are now testing for radicals, these studies are not designed to ascertain whether people recovered from the illness get immunity,” the WHO said.