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Who’s Nina Baginskaya, the 73-year-old Belarusian protester that happens on riot police?

Since the girls of Belarus’ opposition visit the roads each Saturday in the aftermath of President Lukashenko’s contested election victory, 1 protester is now an integral figure within the motion.

Nina Bahinskaya, 73, was pictured in anti-government rallies since they kicked off, telling police off and at one stage obstructing one of the police’ armored vehicles by standing in front of it.

Video printed on Nexta’s Telegram station revealed the septuagenarian resisting arrest by authorities in the demonstration on September 12 and seeking to eliminate 1 officer balaclava.

The confrontation served to further increase her already-elevated profile and audiences could be heard chanting”Nina” as the event unfolded.

However, this is not anything new for Bahinskaya — armed forces with all the nation’s former red-and-white flag on a long pole, she’s been demonstrating since long before Belarus’ current election.

The great-grandmother has looked at demonstrations in the nation since 1988, from demanding the arrest of political offenders to emphasize that the demolition of a memorial website for those sufferers of Soviet-era mass executions.

The flag, currently prohibited in Belarus, is becoming popular among resistance protesters as an anti-Lukashenko emblem.

After riot police took Bahinskaya’s flag following a march at the end of August, video caught her facing the officer.

Frank Viańćorka, a reporter and writer based in Minsk, Belarus, stated on Twitter which protesters on September 13 reluctantly called a square following Bahinskaya within an initiative that saw the opposition demonstrators assign titles linked to the motion to squares and roads in the funds.

However, not everybody is a fan of this 73-year-old and her strategies in a current report on her, the BBC pictured one girl on the sidelines of a demonstration yelling: “You discovered some half-mad babushka and you are after her.”

Since the unrest rages in Belarus, the resistance’s silver-haired celebrity has revealed no indication of getting a step back from being in the center of the motion.