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Why COVID-19 is Placing the rescue of Notre Dame at Danger

The saving of Notre Dame Cathedral, which was nearly destroyed in a fire year ago, is in danger on account of this coronavirus lockdown in France.

Work to eliminate 40,000 pubs of scaffolding, which was set up before the flame for a renovation project, was stopped as a member of their confinement steps that started on March 17 to include the spread of this virus.

The cathedral risks becoming just another casualty of COVID-19, since the scaffolding, a few of that was melted in the flame, has to be eliminated to prevent additional harm to the building.

The fire gutted the inside and also toppled the palace’s iconic spire on 15 April this past year. Over a thousand euros were vowed for its reconstruction, together with French President Emmanuel Macron putting a goal of reopening its doors in time for its 2024 Olympics in Paris.

However, with plans to eliminate the scaffolding bars at a precision performance stopped from the virus, the construction is in danger of further harm.

However, there wasn’t any Easter service and no plans to indicate a year since the catastrophic inferno.

Setbacks have stalled advancement, from the discovery of dust out of the melted lead roofing and spire into the coronavirus lockdown.

When the scaffolding is down, the stone has to be examined to see which demand replaced, logs and debris removed in the vaults then an umbrella structure built to safeguard the website, according to Malherbe.